Moving In The District? Experienced DC Movers Save You Time And Money

by Jacob | Jan 1, 2021 | Professional Movers


Due to security concerns, Washington DC has some of the most complex travel restrictions for box trucks and other commercial vehicles. Moving vans are prohibited from traveling on a large number of roadways and are subject to being detained and searched if they accidentally approach certain federal buildings. Rental trucks are subject to these restrictions as well, and are usually viewed with even greater suspicion by authorities.


If you or your driver is unaware and accidentally takes a wrong turn, it could potentially result in hours of delay and hundreds of dollars in fines. By choosing In and Out Movers to service your move, you eliminate all risk for truck-restricted roadway mistakes.


In and Out Movers is fully licensed and insured for local, long distance, and even international moves. We’ve been moving in the DC area for over two decades, and pride ourselves on speed and reliability. We perform all of our jobs using experienced full-time staff (not contractors!). All of our drivers are well-aware of local road restrictions and will take the perfect route for your goods to get them to your destination as quickly as possible.



In and Out Movers is a full-service logistics, transportation, and moving company, providing a full range of services in custom cargo and transportation worldwide.

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