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Our staff at In and Out Movers has decades of experience helping our customers prepare for their moves. If you’re interested in packing and preparing your own move, be sure to use the following guidelines for the best results in keeping your goods safe and secure.

1- Box your items by weight, not by size

Though the average bookshelf contains enough novels to fill a packing these sorts of heavy items so densely tends to make the final package cumbersome to load, stack and transport. Instead, use smaller boxes (if you prefer to keep like-items together) or mix and match heaver possessions with lighter goods to keep things manageable.


2- Prepare large items ahead of time

To ease your bill and keep your movers on the clock for the least amount of time possible, make sure large items are ready to be loaded as soon as our crews set foot in the door. Such proactive steps include removing sheets and other bedding, clearing shelves or table surfaces, and detaching loose cords from TV’s and other electronics. Disassembling furniture beforehand (if you’re capable of safely handling it on your own) can also be a substantial money saver.


3- Make sure all pets are safe and secure

Humans aren’t the only one who get stressed during a move, and a run-away animal can be a huge drag on an otherwise perfect day. Prepare a closed, designated area for your pet to stay in while our crew is loading and unloading your furniture to prevent any trouble, as exterior doors may have to be propped open for extended periods to quickly get your goods in and out.


4- Clearly label boxes containing easily breakable items as FRAGILE

Clear, easy to read markings will ensure sensitive items are have priority for being transported in the least stressful way possible. The safe and secure transport of your possessions is our chief concern, and the more information available to us the more we can do to to make sure every single item reaches your destination in the same condition as it left.

Stay tuned, more tips on the way!

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