How To Reserve Parking When Moving in Alexandria

by Jacob | Jan 14, 2021 | Professional Movers


Hiring professional movers in Alexandria VA? Take advantage of reserved parking to maximize your value!


Alexandria moving permits can be a big money saver. By guaranteeing a perfect parking place for your moving truck, your movers will be able to transport your belongings in or out of your residence in the shortest amount of time possible, potentially saving hours of extra work.


Residents can reserve up to five parking spaces for both personal and office moves, though only 3-4 are typically necessary for a large moving truck. Be sure to leave extra room for the use of loading ramps and consult with your move coordinator to confirm an ideal location. Once approved, temporary signs will be posted by the city that prohibit anyone but you and your movers from using those spaces.


Applications for reserved parking must be made more than three full business days prior to the date of your move. Currently, all applications must be submitted in person at City Hall on 301 King Street, in the Construction Permits and Inspections Section, Room 4130. The office can be reached directly at 703-746-4035 during normal business hours.


The form is simple and easy, and available to print HERE.


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